Pro-Bot Lesson Plans

Pro-Bot Lesson Plans:  Grade 2 

Introduce Pro-Bot

Assignments to familiarize with Logo's Fd, Bk, Lt and Rt commands

Introduce Repeat Loops

Repeat Loops for drawing Squares and Mazes

Nested Loops



Word Problems for Pro-Bot: Grade 2

Art with Pro-Bot

Pro-Bot Lesson Plans:   Grade 3 

  1. Follow-up to Drawing Digital Numbers with Pro-Bot
  2. Modular Programming with Squares on Pro-Bot
  3. A Drive through the Zoo: Learning about Angles using Pro-Bot
  4. Draw Polygons with Pro-Bot given sides and angles
  5. Dividing a Polygon into Fractions
  6. Draw Nets of 3D Shapes Part 1: Cubes
  7. Path for Transmitting Electricity with Minimum Energy Loss
  8. A Treasure Hunt with Pro-Bot
  9. Draw Roman Numerals using Pro-Bot
  10. Sensors in Pro-Bot: A Relay Race using Sensors
  11. Draw Polygons with a Given Perimeter using Pro-Bot
  12. Draw Polygons with a Given Area using Pro-Bot

Pro-Bot Lesson Plans:   Grade 4

Lesson Plans by Topic for Grades 3 - 5

Geometry Projects with Pro-Bot

Word Problems for Pro-Bot

Projects using Sensors in Pro-Bot

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  1. Does anyone know what the message "Vsn 2" means when you turn on the Pro-bot?