Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Help Pro-Bot find his way home

Pro-Bot has been on a trip to a new park and needs to find its way back home. The GPS says that Pro-Bot has to travel 9 miles North from the park, then 7 miles East and finally 2 miles South to get home. 

Can you write a program to trace Pro-Bot’s path as it finds its way home?
Use a scale of 1 centimeter to represent 1 mile in your program.

I designed this question to go along with the Geography lessons in class that teach the North, South, East & West directions. It allows for the children to map the compass directions to Logo instructions in Pro-Bot. It represents a real-life problem solving scenario which includes reading and understanding a word problem, applying concepts of computer science to geography and math, scaling to reduce the size of the figure traced by Pro-Bot and finally coming up with the solution in the form of a computer program.

The solution is a simple 5 line program:

  Fd 9
  Fd 7
  Fd 2

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