Monday, July 28, 2014

Pro-Bot Programming Assignment 1: Tracing Digital Numbers

Here is our first assignment:  Using Pro-Bot, trace the numbers from 0 to 9 as they would appear on a digital clock.

Each of the short sides of the figures measure 6 cm each. The long sides measure 12 cm each. 

We shall use only right angles for tracing each number, hence there is no need to specify the angle measurements along with the "Lt" or "Rt" (Left or Right) instructions. 

This project is intended to provide familiarity with using the Forward, Backward, Left and Right arrow keys and specifying distances in cm. It also provides a good exercise in breaking down a problem into smaller steps, finding a solution to each step and testing it along the way. 

I also find that it is helpful to specify the start and end points for each figure, especially for younger children. 

Here is a set of solutions to the assignment.