Monday, July 28, 2014

Pro-Bot Programming Assignment 2: Letters of the alphabet

This is our second programming assignment:  Using Pro-Bot, trace the following letters of the English alphabet.

Each of the short sides of the figures measure 6 cm each. The long sides measure 12 cm each. 
We shall use only right angles for each tracing each figure, hence there is no need to specify the angle measurements along with the "Lt" or "Rt" (Left or Right) instructions.  

I used this as an optional assignment along with the one to trace the digital numbers. It was intended to provide a bit more practice to those students who were quick to finish the first assignment. It again focuses on using the Forward, Backward, Left and Right arrow keys and specifying the distances in cm. 

If this is an older class where children are familiar with angular measurements, you can try drawing various other letters that use angles other than 90 degrees.

All measurements in the figure below are in centimeters.

Here is a set of solutions to this assignment.