Monday, July 28, 2014

A Recipe to Design a Program for Pro-Bot

Here is a recipe to design a program for Pro-Bot.

1.   Understand the problem given. 
     Write down the requirements.

2.   Think about the problem!!!
     Discuss with your team members. Try to imagine what your Pro-Bot should do…. Can you draw it out on paper, for example?

3.   Solve your problem in small steps; do not tackle the entire problem all at once. When you create your program, do it step by step.

4.   Write down your program on paper.
     To see if it meets the requirements, you could pretend to be Pro-Bot yourself and act out the various steps from your program.
Fix any errors (mistakes) that you may find.

5.   Now, program your robot. As you do it, you can see the instructions from your program on Pro-Bot’s LCD screen.

6.   Test, test, test!!! See if it works!
     Test your program on the robot to see if it works as required. Follow the instructions of your program on the LCD screen as it executes. If something goes wrong, it will help you identify the wrong instruction that caused it.

7.   Fix your errors if any and try again.

8.   Add in extra features, if required.

Important Tips:

·      Solve the problem in small steps; do not tackle the entire problem all at once.
·      As you develop the program for each part of your solution, test it. Make sure each part works correctly; add it to the existing one and then move on to the next part.
·      You do not always need to rewrite the program from the beginning, each time you find a mistake. Often you need to fix only the parts that are not working correctly.
·      There may be different solutions to the same problem. Try to choose the best one that meets the requirements.

.    Now, the most important one, HAVE FUN with Pro-Bot!!!