Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Art with Pro-Bot: Snails

Write a program for Pro-Bot to draw a picture of snails as shown below. 

The bigger snail has a square head of side 4 cm and a 4 cm long neck. The outer square of its shell has 12 cm sides, the middle one 8 cm & the inner one 4 cm. The smaller snail has a square head of side 2 cm & a 2 cm long neck. The outer square of its shell has 4 cm sides & the inner one 2 cm.

Remember to use Repeat Loops when you write programs for drawing squares using Pro-Bot. We shall reuse the pattern for the larger snail's shell from the Repeat Loops Maze project. 

Once you are done drawing the body of the snail using Pro-Bot, you can draw in other features such as eyes, mouth, antennae, etc. You can also draw in more features in the background to make your picture more interesting. 

I designed this project to let the children practice Repeat Loops and Procedures in a fun way using Pro-Bot. Repeat Loops were used for drawing the squares. The 4 cm side square was stored as a procedure and used multiple times in the figure. We did the same for the 2 cm side square as well. 

Here is a set of solutions.

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