Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Art with Pro-Bot: A Dancing Robot

Write a program to draw the following figure of a dancing robot. All measurements are in centimeters. 

Do you see patterns in the figure that keeps repeating? How many Repeat Loops can you use in the program for this robot?

The sides of the body are 6 cm long, the limbs are 4 cm each. The neck is 1 cm long and the head is a square measuring 2 cm on each side.

This assignment can be used as a follow-up to drawing squares with Repeat Loops. The body of the robot can be written using a Repeat Loop as can the head. 

The children in the classes that I taught drew multiple ones of these and drew in other features by hand. Imaginations ranged all the way from groups of ballet dancers to soccer players to swimmers (with the picture rotated to the right)...

Click here to see one set of solutions.

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