Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Art with Pro-Bot: Snowmen

Write a program for Pro-Bot to draw some snowmen using three different sized squares. The squares have sides measuring 6 cm, 4 cm and 2 cm. Remember to use Repeat Loops while programming the squares. Draw in other features by hand for the snowmen (eyes, nose, mouth, scarf, hat, etc.) after you draw the snowmen’s bodies using Pro Bot.

I designed this "art" project to allow the children to practice using Procedures as well as Repeat Loops. The squares were all drawn using Repeat Loops. The 4 cm side square and the 2 cm side square were stored as Procedures and reused in the figures. In fact, they can be even reused for other projects, like the Snails.

Some of the children imagined these to be wedding cakes instead of snowmen and drew in features accordingly... There was even a picture of a snowman eating a two-tiered cake.

Here is a set of solutions to the above.

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