Thursday, July 31, 2014

Art with Pro-Bot: A Soccer Game

Let’s use Pro-Bot to draw a picture of robots playing soccer.

We shall work using both Repeat Loops and Procedures in Pro-Bot for this assignment. This "art" project was designed to use the concepts of Repeat Loops and Procedures in a fun way.

There are 2 robots in the picture, one representing Team 1 and the other, Team 2. The two robots are playing each other in a game of soccer. The dimensions are as follows: Each robot's body is a 6 cm side square, the limbs are 4 cm long, the neck is 1 cm long and the head is a 2 cm side square. 

While writing the programs for Pro-Bot to draw the figures, remember to use Repeat Loops for patterns that repeat. You can also see from the pictures that the head and neck is exactly the same for both pictures. Hence, you can write the program for the head and neck once, store it as a procedure in Pro-Bot's memory and call it for drawing both robots. 

Click here for a set of solutions.

Draw in as many members for each team as you like. You can even store the programs for each robot as separate procedures which makes it easier for you to draw multiple figures in your art project. You can put in a background of your choice and draw a soccer ball in the middle once you have drawn both teams. It does not have to be just soccer; students in my class have used this theme to depict scenes from various sporting events. We worked on this project the day after a major basketball game and there were quite a few children who made pictures with basketball scenes... Let your imagination run free in creating your art work. 

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